TI Quiz Part 4

After the decision of Bombay High Court, the Income Tax department has levied the revised tax liability on Vodafone of the value?

What is the maximum investment limit for retail investors in any public issue as per the rules of SEBI?

Which of the following Petroleum product is fully under market based price determination policy?

Which of the following Indian Private Company is the biggest employer?

Shikha Sharma recently included in Forbes' Top 100 Powerful Women of the World list is associated with

Which of the following Indian Company gets the highest rank among Indian Companies included in Forbes-sop list for the year 2010?

Which of the following state has registered the maximum growth in Gross State Domestic Product in the year 2009-10?

Information Technology Act in India was introduced in the Year

Which of the following country has declared Broadband Service as the fundamental right in the country?

World Investment Report is annual lypublished by

As per first advance estimates of Kharif crops for the year 2010-11 given by Agriculture Ministry the total foodgrains have been estimated at

On October 15, 2010 government has launched the new NELP round for allocation, which is numbered as

'Company of the Year' award in Economic Times Corporate Excellency Awards 2010 goes to

'Tourism and Bio-diversity' is/ was the theme of World Tourism Day (September 27) for the year

In Global Hunger Index 2010 released by International Food policy Research Institute (IFPRI), India has been placed at

'BAFTA' award is associated with

Nobel for Economics 2010 has been shared by

The new Chairman and Managing Director of National Housing Bank who took charge on September 15, 2010 is

In newly proposed Direct Tax Code the highest rate of individual income tax has been put at

Which of the following key rate has not been altered by RBI since 2003?

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