Arrangement Quiz Part 2

Directions (24 to29): Study the following arrangement carefully to answer these questions: E G 4 B H 75 @ K 8 D N £ QZ $ W3C 19 * LB2 S 6 In the above arrangement how many such consonants are there each of which immediately precede by a symbol and immediately followed by a digit?

Which group of the elements will replace the question mark in the following series? 4H@, KDQ, ?, QLS

Which element is just in the middle of the element 9th from the left and the element 7th from the right?

If first 15 elements are written in reverse order then which will be the 7th element to the left of the element which is 12th from the right?

In the above arrangement how many such digit are there each of which is preceded by a letter and followed by a letter?



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