Coding-Decoding Test Part 16

If shoe is called tie, tie is called chappal, chappal is spectacles, spectacles is bangle and bangle is called necklace than what do we wear on the neck the school dress?

If winter is called summer, summer is called rains and rains is called spring, spring is called vacuum is called desert then when does it rain?

If Holi is called Diwali, Diwali is Dashehara, Dashehara is Teacher,s Day, Teacher’s Day is called Saraswati Puja and Sarswati Puja is Shivratri, then was Raven killed?

If Song is called glory, glory is poem, poem is story, story is verification, verification is sonnet and sonnet is epigram then what is sung at the time of marriage?

If kapildev is called P.T. Usha; P.T. Usha is Madhuri, Madhuri is P.Gopichand; P. Gopichand is Tania Sachdev and Tania Sachdev is called Limba Ram, then who is film actress?

If runner is called swimmer, swimmers called archer, archer is called writer, writer is called singer, singer is called guide and guide is called player, then what is Limbaram?

If carrom is called cricket, cricket is called ludo, ludo is called football, football is called volleyball and volleyball is call tennis than which game is played by Sachin Tendulkar?

If sleeping is called awakening, awakening is walking, walking is running, sunning is weeping, weeping is drinking and drinking eating then what do the runners do?

If glass is called cup, cup is tray, tray is plate, plate is mug, mug is bucket and bucket is spoon then in which tea is drunk?

If green is called red, red is called colour, colour is called vermilion, vermilion is called ashes is called charcoal and charcoal is called mica, then what is filled by women it the line left by parting the hairs on the head?


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