Coding-Decoding Test Part 17

If Logic is called geography, geography is History, History is Mathematics, Mathematics is General Knowledge, General Knowledge in Science and Science is called Hindi, then which subject is related to the events?

If tree is called road, road is drain, drain is sea, sea is canal, canal is anklet and anklet is called leaf, then on which cart moves?

If child is called lamb, lamb is chicken, chicken is egg, egg is hen and hen is calf then what is said to the young one of hen?

If cuckoo is called parrot, parrot is blackbird, blackbird is stork, is corw, crow is heron, heron is gander then what is name of green bird?

If sheet is called pillow, pillow is quilt, quilt is mosquitonet, mosquitonet is scarf and scarf is saree, then which is used in winter?

If monkey is called man, man is house, house is elephant, elephant is lion and lion is ass and ass is jackal, who is the intelligent human being on the Earth?

If hero is called labourer, labourer is heroine, heroine is ass, ass is engineer, engineer is leader and leader is singer then in film who acts as beloved with the hero?

If Moon called stat, star is sun, sun is earth, earth is Jupiter, Jupiter is Mars and Mars is Mercury, where does man live?

If husband is called wife, wife is grandfather, grandfather is grandmother, grandmother is maternal grand mother, maternal grandmother is maternal grandfather, maternal grandfather is maternal uncle and maternal uncle is maternal aunt, what will be said the father of the mother?

If field is called barn, barn is computer, computer is ox, ox is plough, plough is pipe and pipe is fruit, then with which is the calculation with high speed done?


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