Coding-Decoding Test Part 18

If warship is called sin, sin is god, god is noble is yam, yam is demon and demon is man, whom is worshiped by man?

If America is called England, England is Pakistan, Pakistan is India, India is Yemen, Yemen is Phisi, then Islamabad is the capital of which country?

If buffalo is called cow, cow is she-goat, she-goat is dog, dog is rat, rat is lion and lion is cat, who watches our house?

If brush is called tooth-brush, tooth-brush is tooth-powder, tooth-powder is paste, paste is fire, fire is wine and wine is water, then what is made by colgate company to clean teeth?

If triangle is called rectangle, rectangle is circle, circle is square, square is sphere, sphere is cylinder and cylinder is cone then area of which is πr2?

If Chair is called table, table is furniture, furniture is desk, desk is almirah, almirah is bench and bench is bed, then where the clothes are kept?

If cement is called rod, rod is brick, brick is send, send is clay, clay is plank and plank is marble, what is made by breaking stones?

If bread is called cheese, cheese is flour, flour is vegetable, vegetable is fruit and fruit is flower, than what is made from wheat?

If cake is called sweet, sweet is cream, cream is curd, curd is butter. Butter is porridge and porridge is jalebi, what is made adding rennet to milk?

If scent is called flower, flower is rose, rose is red, red is green, green is yellow and yellow is blue, what is offered to God?


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