Coding-Decoding Test Part 3

If ENGLAND is coded as 1234526 and FRANCE is coded as 785291, how will GREECE be coded?

If SHARP is coded as 58034 and PUSH as 4658, how will RUSH be coded?

If GARIMA is coded as 725432 and TINA as 6482, how will MARTINA be coded?

If in certain code 24685 is written as 33776, how will 35791 be written in the same code?

In a certain code 35796 is written as 44887, how will 46823 be written in the same code?

If the code of 24673 is 35784, what will be the code 0f 3185?

If in a certain code GRASP is written as 93645 and CANT as 2678 how will CASPAR be written in the same code?

If the code of BAND is 2465 and code of PAST is 1489, what will be the code of PANT?

If LAMPS is coded as 12345 and BANK as 6289, how will NAPS be coded?

If PALE is coded as 2134 and EARTH as 41590, how will PEARL be coded?

If GIVE is coded as BAT as 924, how will GATE be coded?

If RESCUE is coded as 372057 and PROBLEM as 9348176 how will PROCURE be coded?


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