Coding-Decoding Test Part 6

If MACHINE is coded as 19-7-9-14-15-20-11, how will DANGER be coded?

If BRANCH is code as 2-18-1-14-3-8, how will BOMBAY be coded?

If DARPAN is coded as 5-2-19-17-2-15, how will NOTION be coded?

If MANGO is coded as 31-1-41-7-51, how will JUHI be coded?

If PATNA is coded as 18-3-22-16-3, how will DELHI be coded?

If GOD is coded as 6-8-14-16-3-5, then BEN=?

If CAP=3-4-1-2-16-17 then RAT=?

If MASTER= 18-6-24-25-10-23 then SMART=?

If July is coded as 9-20-11-24 then how will AUGUST be coded?

If TOPER=15-10-11-0-13 then HORNS=?


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