Ranking Test Part 3

Sonu is taller than Yatendra. Amit is taller than Sonu. Subhash is taller than Amit. Sattu is the tallest. If they arranged according to their heights, who will be in the middle?

P is heavier than T but lighter than M. N is lighter than S and T. Q is heavier than D but lighter than N, S is not heavier than M. Who is the heaviest?

A is older than B but younger than C. D is younger than E but older than A. If C is younger than D, who is the oldest of all?

Asha is taller than Babu but shorter than Chetan. Dimple is taller than Esha who is taller than Chetan. Who is the tallest person is the group?

X knows more than A. Y knows as much as B. Z knows less than C. A known more than B. Who is the best knowledgeable person amongst all?

Raman earns more than Fakir but not as much as Jahir. Kishan earns less than Jahir but not as little as Fakir. Lokesh earns more than Fakir but not as much as Raman. If they are arranged according their earnings, who will be in the middle?

P, Q, R and T appeared in an examination. Marks obtained by P were less than the marks obtained by Q. R’s marks were more than those of Q but not more than the marks obtained by T. Who got the second highest marks?

The bank balance of Puran is more than that of Sushma but less than the bank balance of Beant Singh. If the Bank balance of Puran, Sushma and Beant Singh be X, Y and Z respectively then which of the following is correct?

Geeta is taller than Sita but not as tell as Radha, Radha and Rani are of same height. Geeta is shorter then Paru. Who is the shortest in all?

Sita Malati, Resma, Marry and Kamla organize a trekking expedition in Hamalayan region, They decided to change the leadership in an alphabetical order after every 5 km and rest for an hour after every 10km. Beginning with kamla, who will take over the leadership after they start from second halt?



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