Ranking Test Part 5

If 17th Dec., 1982 falls on Saturday, what day of the week will fall on 22nd Dec., 1984?

If the seventh day of a month is three days earlier than Friday, what day will be on the 19th day of the month?

If the 1st seventh day of an ordinary year (Not leap year) falls on Friday, then what will be the day on the last day of that year?

Which of the following years, is a leap year?

A day after tomorrow will be X-mas-day. What will be the day on New-year-day If today is Monday?

Two watches, one of which gained at the rate of 1 min. and the other lost at the rate of 1 min. were set correctly at noon on the 1st Jan., 1978. When did the watches indicate the same time?

A tired worker slept at 6.45p.m. If he rose at 12 noon, for how many hours did he sleep?

A man is waiting for a bus of route number 1, 2 and 3. The bus of route number 1, passes after 5 minutes each, but of route number 2 after each 15 minutes and number 3 after each 45 minutes. But as he reaches the bus stop, a bus had just left. For atleast howlong he has to wait for the bus?

A college starts from 10 a.m. continues till 1.30p.m. In this duration there are 5 periods. If 5 minutes are provided before each period to leave the room and enter the other, then what is the duration of each period?

Kamla is 42 weeks oldest to me while Anuradha is 15 weeks older to her. If Anuradha was born on Saturday, on which day was I born?



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