Top News Headlines of 05 June 2009

Major Events and Top News Headlines of 05 June 2009:

  • Religion brooks no rationality. And an admixture of God and Mammon is a cocktail potent enough to sway the entire faithful. Until he lost the plot, Ashok Jadeja had the Sansi community”also known as Chharas in  Gujarat”literally in his pocket.
  • Though US President Barack Hussein Obama seeking a “new beginning between the United States and Muslims world” and his call that “the cycle of suspicion and discord must end” dominated the headlines and editorial sections of the Pakistan media.
  • The Union human resource development ( HRD) ministry on Thursday put on hold all pending proposals for granting ” deemed university” status.
  • The Minority Affairs Ministry headed by Salman Khursheed is contemplating giving more teeth to the National Commission for Minorities (NCM), which is so far only a recommendatory body.
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Top News Headlines of 05 June 2009
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