Top News Headlines of 11 December 2010

Major Events and Top News Headlines of 11 December 2010:

  • = An important ally of the U.S., India has a lot of human rights challenges, a U.S. official said on Saturday, adding they raise it with their Indian counterparts whenever they have any human rights concerns.
  • =Amid the political crisis earlier this year, President Goodluck Jonathan had suggested to a former U.S. ambassador that he was not chosen to be Vice-President because of his leadership quality, according to a secret U.S. cable revealed by Wikileaks.
  • = Without suggesting a new path toward Mideast peace, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton expressed frustration Friday with the Israel-Palestinian impasse while insisting the Obama administration will “not lose hope.”
  • = Some terror camps in Pakistan had reinitiated operations against India, which conveyed its worries over U.S. military aid to Pakistan finding its way to terrorists, Army Chief Deepak Kapoor told top American officials, according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks.
  • = Civil defence agencies in New Zealand and the United States have formally agreed to step up cooperation.
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Top News Headlines of 11 December 2010
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