Top News Headlines of 2 August 2014


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  • Refuses To Allow New Customs Rules – India‘s domestic compulsions and the danger of breaching the subsidy cap for wheat and rice forced the government to thwart attempts by other World Trade Organization (WTO) members to push through a new set of customs rules without addressing its concerns.
  • 300 e-ricks impounded in a day – With the Delhi high court banning e-rickshaws till a policy is framed to regulate them, the traffic police have impounded more than 300 vehicles since Thursday evening. The drivers had been charged under sections related to driving a motor vehicle without registration and non-compliance of a court order.
  • Last-mile link gone, bus and Metro users in a fix – The ubiquitous erickshaws had become a popular mode of transport for short-distance travel. Hordes of them would be parked outside Metro stations in the city.
  • As many as 58 Indian nurses from Libya are on their way back home, the government said on Friday, while making a fresh appeal to all Indians in the strifetorn nation to leave in view of deterioration in the situation with a promise to make all arrangements for evacuation.
  • UPSC panel’s `status quo’ verdict puts govt in a fix- With the Arvind Verma panel report recommending status quo on the civil services examination pattern and the UPSC opposing a postponement of the prelims exam at this late stage, the government is in a bind on how to resolve the grievances of aspirants agitating against the aptitude test (CSAT) and its alleged anti-Hindi bias.
  • A CAG report  tabled on Friday in Parliament has severely criticized the UPA government for drastically reducing Rs 600 crore penalty imposed on private telecom operators to just over Rs 5 crore.
  • Common counselling for IITs, NITs – The Delhi high court on Friday directed the HRD ministry to ensure common counselling for admission to IITs/NITs from 2015. The ministry and IITs have also been asked to consider whether a provision for lateral entry into IITs in second year from the NITs and other engineering colleges can be allowed.
  • CWG-2014 – Vikas Gowda’s stellar performance to clinch the gold medal in the men’s discus event at ongoing Commonwealth Games in Glasgow raises the bar for Indian athletics. Gowda’s gold is the first for an Indian male athlete in a trackand-field event since Milkha Singh’s triumph at the 1958 Cardiff Games.
  • Investigations – Nasa on Thursday unveiled a selection of seven instruments which will be on board the Mars 2020 rover to conduct unprecedented science and exploration technology investigations.
  • Facebook disrupted for some users – Facebook Inc, the world’s No. 1 social network, suffered a service disruption on Friday that made the website unavailable to some users.
  • Rare Indian books from 1700s for sale – Most of the collection -a set of 125 books assembled over three decades -dates back to the early 1700s when the first printing press was set up in India. The collector John Randall wants the Indian government to buy the lot.
  • Only 2 free third-party ATM withdrawals/mth – The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked, The downside for customers is that if there is no home bank ATM nearby and they have exhausted their free usage, they will have to pay up to Rs 20 for a cash withdrawal from a third-party ATM.
  • Enters 60kg Final After Brave Pinki Settles For Bronze – Pinki Rani Jhangra knew she had missed the chance to move into the final in the women’s flyweight category by a very narrow margin.
  • Announcement – The West Bengal government might have announced Rs 5 lakh as cash reward to Sukhen Dey for his gold medal winning effort in the Glasgow Games.
  • Attack During Kick Show In Pakistan – Starrer Kick’s Screening At A Cinema In Karachi, Pakistan, Came Under a grenade attack on Thursday by unidentified people. The Karachi Police said they were investigating the motive behind the attack.
  • Srk back to TV – Shah rukh khan will be returning to the small screen. He will reportedly host a live show based on the popular international series Got Talent.
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Top News Headlines of 2 August 2014
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