List of Abel Prize Winners in Mathmatics [2003-2018]

Abel Prize:

The Abel Prize is a Norwegian prize awarded every year by the Government of Norway to one or more outstanding mathematicians. It is the most prestigious international academic award in Mathematics. The Abel Prize was established by the Norwegian government in 2001 (according to Wikipedia) on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Niels Henrik Abel’s birth. The prize money of Abel Award is 6 Million Norwegian Kroner (about 750,000 Euro) and was awarded for the first time on 3 June 2003. The First Laureates of Abel Prize was Jean-Pierre Serre.

Quick Info About Abel Prize:

Field Mathematics
Established 2001 (According to Wikipedia)
Prize Money 6 Million Norwegian Kroner (as of 2018)
Country Norway
First Recipient Jean-Pierre Serre (2003)

List of Abel Winners (2003-2018):

Year Name of Laureates Country
2018 Robert Langlands Canada
2017 Yves Meyer France
2016 Andrew Wiles United Kingdom
2015 John F. Nash Jr., Louis Nirenberg United States, Canada
2014 Yakov Sinai Russia/United States
2013 Pierre Deligne Belgium
2012 Endre Szemerédi Hungary/United States
2011 John Milnor United States
2010 John Tate United States
2009 Mikhail Gromov Russia/France
2008 John G. Thompson, Jacques Tits United States, France
2007 S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan India/United States
2006 Lennart Carleson  Sweden
2005 Peter Lax Hungary/United States
2004 Michael Atiyah, Isadore Singer United Kingdom,United States
2003 Jean-Pierre Serre France
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