AIMS Test for Management Admission (ATMA)

The AIMS (Association of Indian Management Schools) Test is usually taken for the students who apply in universities for higher education in management studies. By this test the candidate is fully assessed as to how it understands the course and how well they have done before and if they will be able to achieve what they are going ahead in. This is a really good way to start off your studies as you get to know how good you really are and how well you will do and if this course is even for you and if you can make a career out of it.

AIMS (Association of Indian Management Schools) Test is conducted by ATMA and it is well know all over India and it is also approved by the Government of India. It is a high quality test and to a lot of students it may be tough but they should know that ATMA is trying to make their life easy and make their future secure by the candidates knowing where they stand. The ATMA is conducted every year and there are thousands of students who apply and give the test and you may business management nowadays is needed all around the globe.

ATMA has also made it easy if you want to apply. You just need to visit their website ( which is very comprehensive and you can also apply online. The results can also be checked online as well as the status and options you may have for further studies and careers. They have also given sample tests for you to prepare at your best. Mostly you always keep wondering what sort of a test it will be or how tough it will be but ATMA has made it simple so everyone who wishes to obtain their career in business management they will surely achieve it.

AIMS Test itself is not that hard and it is all that you have studied in your early education and it is just like a refresher and to see how much you have grasped and by this test you can also grade yourself and analyze yourself as to if this path of management is the right one for you or you should choose some other field in which you know you would do better. Overall these tests are always good to start off with as your career is the most important of all and you should be always sure of what you are heading for.

How to apply?: Candidates desirous of taking ATMA should first collect ONLINE application bulletin, which will be available from October 11, 2010 from ATMA Office, at Panaji, Goa, AIMS Office, Hyderabad, different IMS Learning Centres, Axis Bank, Career Forum, Cerebral Heights, Career Launcher and AIMS member institutes across the country LISTED BELOW by paying Rs.900/- (Rupees nine hundred only) in cash or by sending a demand draft for Rs.950/- (Rupees nine hundred and fifty only) (includes postal charges) favouring ” ATMA” payable at Panaji “ATMA Office, Mayfair, 1st Floor, Dada Vaidya Road, Panaji . Tel: 0832 – 6515048. Email: / (Please indicate your name, address, telephone / mobile no., on the reverse of the demand draft).


How to apply online for taking ATMA? The admission kit contains the following:

  • Bulletin with information about ATMA. An adhesive sticker with Personal ID code affixed inside of the Bulletin front cover.
  • When you purchase ATMA admission kit, you will be given a receipt by the sales centre. The same is required to be submitted to the invigilator at the time of examination along with the admit card.
  • Inside the admission kit, there will be self adhesive sticker with Personal ID code affixed inside of the Bulletin front cover. For applying online, candidates should log on to ATMA website The specimen online application form for ATMA with duly filled in data of a specimen candidate is enclosed in the Annexure II of the bulletin. Please read it carefully before filling in the online application form which is provided on the website. Please download a copy of the filled up online application for your reference.
    Candidates are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the Form.

ADMIT CARDS: Candidates are requested to down load their admit cards on from December 11 to 19, 2010 from the ATMA website by entering the personal ID Code & Date of birth.

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