Allahabad Bank PO Exam 2010

Allahabad Bank Probationary Officer Exam 21-2-2010

1. As we all know banks publish their quarterly performance to bring transparency in the
system and also to give a clear picture of their performance to the public. How were
results of Quarter 2 different from the results of Quarter 1 of the listed banks including
giants like SBI and ICICI banks ?
1. Performance was subdued in the Quarter 2.
2. Yields on advances of almost all listed banks have come down.
3. Advances grew at a slower pace when compared to deposits.
(A) Only 1 is true
(B) Only 2 is true
(C) Only 3 is true
(D) All 1, 2 and 3 are true
(E) None of these

2. After the Subprime crisis which of the following problems has hit the global
economy/world markets recently ?
(A) Dubai debt problem
(B) Change of Government in Japan and its new economic policies
(C) High rate of inflation in India
(D) Extremely volatile behaviour of the Bombay Stock Exchange and other major
Stock Exchanges world wide
(E) None of these

3. As per the news published in major newspapers in India Banks in India need about 12
business correspondents for rural areas. What will be the role of these correspondents ?
1. They will help rural people in their day-to-day banking activities.
2. They will work as a link between banks and the customers.
3. They will ascertain eligibility of rural people so that relief packages can be provided to
(A) Only 1 | (B) Only 2 | (C) Only 3 | (D) All 1, 2 and 3 | (E) None of these

4. It is evident that the economic slowdown still continues to weigh on the performance
of the banks in India. How is this affecting banks and/or general public ?
(A) The number of bank account holders has gone down
(B) The gross Non-Proforming Assets (NPAs) of the listed banks have increased
(C) Inflation has reached at a very high level
(D) Relief packages announced by the Govt. have proved insufficient to improve the
situation of agri sector
(E) All of these

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Allahabad Bank Probationary Officer Exam 21-2-2010 Solved Paper
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