Army 10+2 (PCM) Technical

Have your Army 10+2 (PCM) Technical Eligibility and Be Part of Indian Army:

Indian Army is composed of about more than a million soldiers and about nine hundred sixty reserve troops.  It is the second largest standing volunteer army in the world. While do volunteers are the main source of recruitment to fill up the troops in Indian Army, Permanent Commission requires some qualifications.  One of which is the Army 10+2 (PCM) technical eligibility.

To date, the Indian Army accepts application for a Permanent Commission’s grant.  This is open to all unmarried men and has passed the Army 10+2 (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) technical examinations.  The Army 10+2 examination is required together with at least seventy per cent passing grades on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.  There is also an age limit to qualify for a Permanent Commission’s grant of sixteen and a half to nineteen and a half years of age.  This means that all male born from July 01, 1991 to July 01, 1994 can join the forces provided they also have the other required qualifications.   There is also a height requirement with a minimum of one hundred fifty two centimeters and a weight requirement of forty two kilograms.  Eye vision should also be at six over six which is considered the better vision and take note that having a six over eighteen visions is already considered worst.

So if you have your Army 10+2 (PCM) technical eligibility and have those qualifications mentioned above, submit your application now.  Last day of submission will be on June 30, 2011.  Selected candidates will be called for Service Selection Board.  The interview will be conducted at Allahabad, Bhopal and Bangalore.  The selection is a tedious one that is consists of five selection process.  The process includes psychological test, group test and interview.

If you passed the Army 10+2 (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) technical examinations and fortunately passed the selection process, you will undergo a five-year training starting from basic military training.  This will be for one year at IMS, Dehradun.  There will also be a technical training that includes a pre-commission training for three years and the post commission training for one year.  Once the training has been completed, successful candidates will have an Engineering degree.  The training is free including the clothing and messing.  Graduates will be granted permanent Commission in the Army with the rank of Lieutenant in Arms or Services with a pay scale of Rs15600 to Rs39100 and other allowances.

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