Army Commissioned Officers

The army branch of any armed forces of any country or state regardless of what it may be is known to be their first line of defense against foreign and domestic threats. The units of the army are led by commissioned officers. As for India, the Indian Army is also open to allowing men who have graduated in the field of law to become Army Commissioned Officer for a short time of service. This may not be what every law graduate may be planning but it is definitely a very brave thing to do to serve your country.

First of all, not everyone can avail this. Even if you are a male and are a law graduate, you must first pass the necessary requirements. To be eligible for becoming Army Commissioned Officers, you must first be a citizen of India. You must be born between the dates of the second of July of 1984 and the first of July 1990 meaning you must only be twenty one to twenty seven years of age. You have to be good on your studies back then. You have to have a minimum of 55% aggregate marks in the LLB Degree and you must be eligible for registration along with the Bar Council of India.

To be one of the Army Commissioned Officers, you must first pass their selection. An initial screening will be done during the recruitment and wild be decided by a directorate. You will then have to present yourself at the Service Selection Board to undergo specific group, psychological tests as well as an interview. These will last for five days. You will then have to be medically fit and have the proof by presenting a merit. A two stage selection will then be made based on your Psychological Aptitude Test. It will happen on day one of reporting at Selection Centers. After passing this you will have to finish stage two. Finally, after this you will then submit the copies of the Matriculation Certificate, the Original Degree with all the necessary information at the selection center.

Simple enough right. It’s true that by becoming one of the many army commissioned officers despite your law degree may not be what you really had in plan for your life. But remember that it is just short service and in your respectable line of duty, you will find yourself in a promising career.

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