Army Dental Corps in India

Being part of the Army Dental Corps is a big advantage. It is not just prestige that awaits but also good remuneration package. India is a country with large population and therefore it also needs a good Army dental corps which will do the caring for the defenders of the country. From the title itself, it is not hard to know the area of their job. Basically it is medical related and they are the ones responsible for good dental health of the soldiers or army of India. Army dental corps obviously possesses the license needed for the job. It is in fact a two title job because workers for this field should already have a license as a dentist in order to get into the position. But the application does not end there. There should also be a training which the applicant will undergo to get the position.

It should be understood that the training for the Army dental corps is not any ordinary training. It is in fact as hard and laborious as that of the normal military training. This is for the reason that while they are there to care for the military personnel, they too are also considered soldiers. This then does not make then just ordinary citizens having ordinary job. They are soldiers and dentists to cut it short. They are trained to hold a gun and trained to shoot as well. They are expected to defend themselves and the people around them.

Army dental corps has dual titles and that makes the effort and labor worth it. They are of course paid a good amount of salary to compensate not just for the title but also for the dual job which they are expected to take part of. They are issued their own guns and access to the military camp and they too are on cal most of the times just like ordinary doctors.

India definitely needs a good army to defend them in times of war and of trouble. But this defense may not be totally complete without the help and support of the army dental corps as they maintain the health of the military personnel. Just like any other army group in the world, they also deserve utmost respect from the people and yes, a good pay to keep them inspired with the kind of laborious job which they have at the command.

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Sir i have a year and a half back in my bds. I am currently in my final year. Is this backlog going to affect my chances of getting into the selection process? Are students with more than one attempt not at all eligible for the selection?


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