Army Education Corps and Modernization

The Army Education Corps is one of the most significant components of the military group of India. This is for the simple reason that the army who protects the country cannot go away without proper education and training and go on a battle without any shield. The significance of their existence relies mainly on education and advancement programs which is the strong role of the group. This is currently headed by Major General Chakraborty ADG & Col. Commandant. Through his group, there are specific training modules and activities being implemented in the command to which applicants and members of the army should continue to be under.

The Army Education Corps have different projects not just the continuous training but also the modernization aspect of education for the military. For this year, they have projected advancement when it comes to high technology classrooms. This means that classrooms are supposed to have modern equipment such as audiovisual materials which will aid the trainees in their search for training and knowledge. Video projection systems and multi-sensory equipments are also part of this grand plan.

Included in the plan for modernization by the Army Education Corps is the Intranet which calls for the automation of systems within the area. This is a need which has long been implemented in some parts of the world and perhaps this is just a good plan to match with the kind of system found in other military commands. This will not just be helpful in implementing internal rules and orders but also in advancing the internal systems for the army.

Internet and media connectivity is also one of the goals of the Army Education Corps when it comes to modernization. This is given the fact that everything is done with the internet right now. Surely, they cannot live without this. There are so many things which are made possible by the internet and the India’s army can truly benefit from the modernization and revolution of the internet or the World Wide Web.

All these and more are being facilitated and improved by the Army Education Corps for the good of the country’s army. This is also to make sure that the group will not be left with old and non-existent kind of education. It should be remembered that a meaningful and advanced training are the tools not just in winning a war but also in protecting the people from harm.

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