Competitive Exams

Competitive exams are significant in the recruiting process of several centralized jobs for recruiting the suitable candidates in most of the public sector organizations and govt. sectors jobs. These exams in India are the route towards gaining safe civil jobs in different sectors like banking, insurance and a list of other similar sectors. The Competitive examinations differ from the entrance tests as candidates sit for competitive examinations in order to get recruited in any of the civic services, while the Entrance tests are taken by the candidates for seeking admission in their desired professional course.

Some of them can be opted after 10 + 2 and some after graduation. These exams are held on All India basis controlled by central authorities. However merit is not the sole criteria employed in the selection process. Other than the performance in these exams, reservation and other criteria also play an important part in the decision making process as well. The policy of affirmative action or the reservation policy of India seeks to bring in people from every section of the society.

Following are the list of Competitive examinations for jobs in India with brief overview about the examination and its process:

  1. UPSC Examination
  2. SSC Examination
  3. Defence Examinations
  4. Railway Examinations
  5. Police/Security Examinations


SSC Examinations

Once you are done and finish your studies and want to have a better job, it is best for you to take SSC competitive examinations.  Although this may not the only basis to land a …


Police and Security Examination

Every country has its respective police and security forces. They are tasked with the protection and the enforcing of law upon the millions of people living in their country. However, not everyone is fit to …


Railway Examinations

In India, their railways are important things to their country. The railways not only provide the country with fast means of transportation but it is also a very important factor in their economy as it …


Defense Examinations

Defense is just as good as offense. In India, they offer many different jobs to their massive populace. These are the jobs that give them a chance to serve and protect their country. I am …


UPSC Examination

Passing any of the UPSC examinations is significant in getting a safe civil job in India.  These can be taken after 10 + 2 and some are taking any of these after graduation.  Although these …


Graduate Level Combined Examination-Main (Group A)

Graduate Level Combined Examination-Main (Group A) To be able to work in some government agencies in India, Indians first have to take the Graduate Level Combined Examination (CGLE) conducted by the Staff Selection Commission or …


Indian Army SSC Officers

If you want to serve in the armed forces of whatever country you may be living at but do not want to be there permanently then you are in luck. You can still serve your …

Army Education Corps and Modernization

The Army Education Corps is one of the most significant components of the military group of India. This is for the simple reason that the army who protects the country cannot go away without proper …


Intelligence Bureau Acio (Wireless Telegraphy)

The Indian Intelligence Bureau has opened its doors for the submission of applications for the position of Intelligence Bureau Acio (Wireless Telegraphy), also called the Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officer. The Intelligence Bureau Acio …

Intelligence Bureau Junior Intelligence Officer

India’s Intelligence Bureau is recognized as the oldest intelligence agency in the world; but it has not always been a smooth ride for the bureau ever since it was formed back in the 1800’s. Today, …

Intelligence Bureau Assistant Grade

This year, the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy is once again, searching for candidates for the Air force, Army and Naval wings. There are 335 slots available which shall be filled as follows: Army-195 …

CISF Inspector and Sub-Inspectors (Fire Wing) Examination

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts examinations across India as a means for people to join a pool of applicants who are qualified for certain job vacancies offered. Among the institutions, the Central Industrial Security …