Aryavart Gramin Bank Probationary Officers Exam, 2011


General Knowledge

1.Eminent Author Amar Kant writes in which of the following languages?

a) Hindi

b)      Urdu

c)      Oriya

d)      Tamil

e)      Punjabi

2.Who is J.Narayan?

a) Chairman IRDA

b)      Chairman SEBI

c)      Chairman, Coal India

d)      Member, Planning Commission

e)      None of these

3. Eminent Author, Chandra shekhar Kambar has been chosen for Jnanpith Award for the year 2010. in which one of the following language does he write?

a)      Urdu

b)      Tamil

c) Kannada

d)      Hindi

e)      Punjabi

4.Which of the following is a private bank in India?

a)      Oriental Bank of Commerce

b)      Corporation Bank

c) South India Bank

d)      Syndicate Bank

e)      Bank of Maharashtra

5.Which one of the following honorary ranks has been conferred on MS Dhoni by the Presidents Mrs. Pratibha Patil?

a)      Major

b)      Colonel

c) Lt. Colonel

d)      Lt. Genetal

e)      None of these


6.Salman Khurshid is Minister incharge of which of the following Ministries in Union Cabinet?

a)      Coal

b)      Environment

c)      Corporate Affairs

d) Law

e)      None of these

7.Expand the term ‘MAT’-

a)      Minimum Add-on Tax

b)      Maximum Add-on Tax

c)      Minimum Alternative Tax

d)      Maximum Alternative Tax

e) None of these


8.Gagan Narang is associated with which one of the following sports?

a) Shooting

b)      Boxing

c)      Swimming

d)      Golf

e)      Badminton


9.Standard and Poor’s had reduced the Credit rating of which one of the following countries a few months back?

a)      Ireland

b)      Portugal

c)      Greece

d)      Italy

e) USA

10.Which is a popular name in the field of Banking?

a) Dr. K.C.Chakraborty

b)      Shri Sachin Pilot

c)      Mr. Uma Bharati

d)      Shri Kamak Nath

e)      None of these

11.For which one of the following reasons Mohinder Amarnath had been in news recently?

a)      He had been include in selection panel of BCCI

b) He had been include in IPL Governing Board

c)      He had been selected as coach for Indian Test Cricket Team

d)      He had been appointed to the post of Advisor to the Prime Minister on India’s Youth policy

e)      None of these

12.In which one of the following countries does river Thames flow?

a)      Chile

b)      Argentina

c)      Ireland

d) United Kingdom

e)      Russia

13.With the assistance of which one of he following countries Kudankulum Atomic Power Project is being set up?

a)      France

b)      Germany

c)      U.K

d) Russia

e)      None of these

14.Golfer Jeev Milkha Singh plays for which one of the following countries?

a)      USA

b) India

c)      Germany

d)      Canada

e)      Pakistan

15.Children’s day is observed on which of the following days?

a)      July 15

b) November 14

c)      April 5,

d)      September 14

e)      August 25

16.Head Office of which of the following banks is in Kolkata?

a)      Punjab National Bank

b)      Bank of India

c) UCO Bank

d)      Corporation Bank

e)      Syndicate Bank

17.Atomic Power Station is located in which of the following placed in India?

a)      Allahabad

b)      Pune

c)      Shimla

d)      Chennai

e) Kalpakkam

18.Govt. of India has made a special agreement with USA to develop which of the following modes of power generation in India?

a)      Hydro Power

b)      Thermal Power

c)      Wind power

d) Nuclear Power

e)      Tridal Power

19.Which of the following is not an agricultural product?

a)      Oilseeds

b) Alum

c)      Jute

d)      Cotton

e)      Rice

20.Vijender Singh is associated with which one of the following games?

a)      Shooting

b) Boxing

c)      Athletics

d)      Badminton

e)      None of these



21.Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘A Bend in the River’?

a)      Amrita Pritam

b)      Mulkraj Anand

c)      Nirmal Verma

d)      Anita Das

e) V.S Naipaul

22.Which of the following is the abbreviated name of the organization working for the welfare of the women?

a)      CII

b)      CIC


d)      CRY

e)      SPCA

23.Which of the following is not a programme to develop infrastructure in india?

a)      National Highway Development Programme

b)      Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission

c)      Rajiv Awas Yojna

d) Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

e)      Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme

24.Who is the Prime Minister of Bangladesh at present?

a)      Hamid Karzai

b) Sheikh Haseena Wajed

c)      Abdul Hamid

d)      Zillur Rahman

e)      None of these

25.Saina Nahwal who was in news recently is associated with the game of-

a)      Basket ball

b)      Tennis

c)      Cricket

d)      Chess

e) Badminton

26.Which one of the following statement about RBI is ‘True’?

a)      RBI is the regulator of banks and securities market in India

b)      RBI started functioning from 1870

c)      RBI controls all Self Help Groups (SHGs) in India

d) RBI maintain the foreign exchange reserves of India

27.Hillary Clinton who was on a visit to India few month back is the US Secretary of-

a) State

b)      Defence

c)      Foreign Trade

d)      Political Affairs

e)      None of these

28.Which of the following is the largest stock exchange of India?

a)      Delhi

b)      Ahmedabad

c)      Kolkata

d)      Bengalooru

e) Mumbai

29.Wimbledon Cup is associated with  the game of-

a)      Cricket

b)      Football

c)      Hockey

d)      Badminton

e) Lawn Tennis

30.Who amongst the following is not a member of SAARCE?

a)      India

b)      Pakistan

c)      Nepal

d)      Sri Lanka

e) Brazil

31.Who is Dr. M.S Ahluwalia?

a)      Excutive Director RBI

b)      RBI Dy. Governor

c) Deputy Chairman Planning Commision

d)      India’ permanent representive in UN

e)      None of these

32.Which of the following is a mineral?

a)      Castor

b)      Jatropha

c) Diamond

d)      Clove

e)      Cinnamon

33.Which term is used in the field of Banking?

a)      Absolute zero

b) Current Account

c)      Plasma

d)      Follow on

e)      Cold chain

34.Who among the following is a famous politician?

a)      Prabhu Chawla

b) Rahul Gandhi

c)      Chetan Bhagat

d)      Barkha Dutt

e)      Deepika Padukone

35.Which of the following funds was created from the proceeds of the disinvestment of Govt. Equity in in Public Sector Units?

a)      National Investment Fund

b)      National Infrastructure Development fund

c) National Disinvestment fund

d)      None of these

36.Which of he following is the name of a country?

a)      Boson

b) Cuba

c)      Dolfin

d)      Hisar

e)      Sewan

37.‘Taka’ is the monetary unit of-

a)      Iran

b)      Iraq

c)      Pakistan

d) Bangladesh

e)      Bhutan

38.Kalinga Award is given for contribution in the filed of –

a)      Literature

b)      Sports

c)      Politics

d) Science

e)      Cinema

39.Which cup/trophy is associated with the game of cricket?

a)      Uber Cup

b)      Nehru Gold Cup

c)      Merdeka Cup

d)      DCm Cup

e) Ranji Trophy

40.Which of the following is the name of a T.V Channel?

a)      GRM

b)      NYMEX

c)      CAG

d)      NPPA

e) CNN

41.Which of the following is not a fruit?

a)      Orange

b)      Banana

c) Mustard

d)      Pear

e)      Apple

42.Who among the following is a well known Cine Actor/Actress of India cinema?

a) Priyanka Chopra

b)      Anjali Bhagat

c)      Sania Mirza

d)      Gaganjeet Bhullar

e)      Zaheer Khan

43.Which term is not used in the field of economics?

a)      Net Income

b)      Cost of Project

c)      Flow of fund

d) Atomic Number

e)      Balance Sheet

44.Flu is caused by a-

a)      Fungus

b)      Bacteria

c) Virus

d)      Either Fungus or Bacteria

e)      None of these

45.‘White House’ is the Official Residence of the president of-

a) USA

b)      France

c)      Italy

d)      Germany

e)      Russia

46.Expand the term FRBM-

a)      Foreign Responsibility and Business Management

b)      Fiscal Review and Business Management

c) Fiscal Responsibility and budget management

d)      Financial Responsibility and Budget management

e)      None of these

47.Who is not famous cricketer?

a)      Rahul Dravid

b)      M.S Dhoni

c)      Gautam Gambhir

d) Pankaj Advani

e)      Ashish Nehara


48.Which scheme is launched by the Govt. of India to provide good health care service in rural areas?

a)      Kutir Jyoti


c)      MGNREGA

d)      Bharat Nirman

e)      Swavlamban

49.Which of the following instruments is normally used by medical professionals?

a)      Stroboscope

b)      Ammeter

c)      Photometer

d)      Thermoscope

e) Stethoscope

50.With which one of the following field is Somdev Devvarman associated?

a)      Literature

b)      Cinema

c)      Medical

d)      Politics

e) Sports





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