Biggest, Highest, Longest, Largest in the World

Do you know facts like largest, biggest, highest, longest, fastest, smallest tallest, coldest, hottest in World? Commonly asked question in quiz and competitive exams like name of biggest country or palace, name of largest animal or bird, highest mountain, tallest building, longest river or wall and many more. Find below the list which will acknowledge you with such facts and info:

Question Answer
Animal, Tallest Giraffe
Archipelago, Largest Indonesia
Bird, Fastest Swift
Bird, Largest Ostrich
Bird, Smallest Humming Bird
Bridge, Longest Railway Huey P. Long Bridge, Louisiana (U.S.A.)
Building, Tallest in the World Burj, Dubai (UAE)
Canal, Longest Irrigational The Kalakumsky Canal
Canal, Longest Suez Canal
Capital, Highest La Paz (Boliva)
City, Biggest in Area Mount Isa Australia
City, Largest in Population Tokyo
City, Costliest Tokyo
City, Highest Van Chuan (China)
Continent, Largest Asia
Continent, Smallest Australia
Country, Biggest (Area) Russia
Country, Largest (Population) China
Country, Largest (Electorate) India
Creature, Largest Blue Whale
Delta, Largest Sunderban (Bangladesh & India)
Desert, Largest (World) Sahara (Africa)
Desert, Largest (Asia) Gobi
Dam, Largest Grand Coulee Dam (U.S.A.)
Dam, Highest Hoover Dam (U.S.A.)
Diamond, Largest The Cullinan
Dome, Largest Astrodome, in Housten (U.S.A.)
Epic, Largest Mahabharat
Irrigation Scheme, Largest Lloyd Barrage, Sukkur (Pakistan)
Island, Largest Greenland
Sea, Largest Mediterranean sea
Longest Sea Bridge Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, China (42.5 km)
Lake, Deepest Baikal (Siberia)
Lake, Largest (Artificial) Lake Mead (Boulder Dam)
Lake, Highest Titicaca (Bolivia)
Lake, Largest (Fresh water) Superior
Lake, Largest (Salt water) Caspian
Library, Largest United State Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Mountain Peak, Highest Everest (Nepal)
Mountain Range, Longest Andes (S. America)
Museum, Largest British Museum, London
Ocean, Largest Pacific
Palace, Biggest Vatican (Italy)
Park, Largest Yellow Stone National Park (U.S.A.)
Peninsula, Largest Arabia
Place, Coldest (Habitated) Verkhoyank (Siberia)
Place, Dryest Iqique (In Atacama Desert, Chile)
Place, Hottest Azizia (Libya, Africa)
Place, Rainiest Mausinram (Meghalaya, India)
Planet, Biggest Jupiter
Planet, Brightest Venus
Planet, Smallest Mercury
Plateau, Highest Pameer (Tibet)
Platform, Longest Gorakhpur (India) (1.37km)
Railway, Longest Trans-Siberian Railway
Railway Station, Longest Grand Central Terminal, Chicago (U.S.A.)
River, Longest Nile (Africa)
River, Largest Amazon (S. America)
Sea-bird, Largest Albatross
Star, Brightest Sirius
Statue, Tallest Statue of Motherland, Volgagrad (Russia)
Telescope, Largest Radio New Mexico (U.S.A.)
Tramway, World’s first New York
Tunnel, Longest (Railway) Tanna (Japan)
Tunnel, Longest (Road) Mont Blanc Tunnel, between France and Italy
Volcano, Highest Ojos del Salado (Andes, Ecuador)
Volcano, Most Active Maunaloa (Hawail-U.S.A.)
Wall, Longest Great wall of China
Waterfall, Highest Angel (Venezuela)
Water, Lowest body Dead Sea
Zoo, Largest Kruger National Park, South Africa
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