Botany Fast Facts and Terms

Below are listed short definition and fast facts of Botany Terminology. Post is describing what Botany term related to which action and activities.

  • Myopia is Short sight.
  • The study of animals is Zoology
  • The study of living things is Biology.
  • The study of the environment is Ecology.
  • Transparent front section of the eye is Cornea.
  • The collar bone is called Clavicle.
  • Living in water is Aquatic.
  • Drug that relieves pain is Analgesic.
  • Cross-fertilization is known as Allogamy.
  • Self fertilization is known as Autogamy.
  • Fuel such as coal, oil and natural gas are Fossil fuel.
  • In mammals, the ceiling of the mouth is Palate.
  • Grassland with scattered trees is Savannah.
  • Primitive members of the plant family are Fungi.
  • An organism which requires oxygen to survive is Aerobe.
  • An organ of storage and vegetative reproduction is Bulb.
  • An organ of vegetative reproduction in flowering plants is Tuber.
  • A collective name for the petals of a flower is Corolla.
  • A green alkaline fluid produced in the liver of mammals is Bile.
  • A Biofuel is a kind of fuel which is made from natural materials or waste.
  • A plant growth movement in response to a stimulus, for examples light is Tropism.
  • A pressure cooker used for the sterilization of materials is Autoclave.
  • An animal that feeds on other animals which are called the prey is Predator.
  • An apparatus used to isolate organisms living in soil water is Baermann funnel.
  • An insoluble blood protein used by the body to stop bleeding is Fibrin.
  • In a flower, the upper part of a stamen containing pollen grains is Anther.
  • Part of a flowering plant that normally grows down into the soil is the Root.
  • Plant hormones which control many aspects of plant growth are Auxins.
  • The flora and fauna of the bottom of oceans and lakes are Benthos.
  • The outermost layer of cells on an organism’s body is Epidermis.
  • The period in the human life cycle between puberty and maturity is Adolescence.
  • The process of uniting parts of two plants to form a single plant is Grafting.
  • The offspring of two related individuals’ pf the same species, race or variety is Hybrid.
  • The removal of undigested food or faeces from the gut is Egestion.
  • The smallest functional and structural unit of all living organisms is Cell.
  • The relocation of seedlings from nursery beds to the actual site of plantation is Transplantation.
  • The remains or traces of animal and plant lift of the past found embedded in rock are Fossil.
  • The total weight of all the organisms in a particular habitat is Biomass.
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