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Career In Advertising : To survive in the field of advertising one needs to work with ‘brains’, here brains has got nothing to do with the grey matter or high IQ, but indicate at people with curiosity, common sense, wisdom, imagination, right sense of judgment, passion and literacy. One needs to have all these qualities to survive in this madman’s world of advertising run by the intellectually honest enthusiasts and natural charmers who can exhibit perseverance in adversity and encourage exuberance. For people who are interested to create their own landmark in this field and are thinking of pursuing a lucrative career out of the same, one thing should always be kept in mind that ‘true advertisers are the jack of all trades and master of many’.

It may sound easier said than done, but there lies the trick and well-deserving challenges in the field of advertising. Externally it appears to an attractive option open to all with its glamour, money and fame, but on delving deeper into it, one can find the real riches necessary to create magic and those are unmatched creativity, originality, visualization, versatility, intellect and an undying source of inspiration to express all these in words, pictures, sketches or graphical presentations.

Apart from these, one must acquire or naturally possess some other abilities too, to excel and do well in this career and they are marketing skills, crisis management skills, communication skills and people skills. The career of advertising does not only provide ample amount of handsome remuneration to support a luxurious and socially colorful life but also keep the advertisers always full of bright ideas and imaginations that act like a natural source of ever-flowing advertising ideas, visuals and beautiful words for further works and projects.

Now coming to the practical part of gaining relevant degrees and diplomas needed to apply for the employment options, one must get an academic course done after finishing schooling or graduation in advertising management and copywriting skills. Rather than getting blinded by its glamorous look and appeal, remember to know and learn the field’s obstacles and challenges that it throws as that would help you to analyze yourself and your perseverance to pursue this career which is synonymous to exciting creativity, non-stop yet enjoyable pressure and limitless enthusiasm for excellence.

The various aspects or divisions of an advertising company are creative/copy-writing, media management, buying and selling of media spaces, visual graphic, client servicing, finance and production. Hence one can happily analyze his/her skills to select from the varied departments and prove their worth in the same.

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