Career in Adwords Management/PPC Management

Career in Adwords Management/PPC Management
An online advertisement program of Google is Google Adwords that follows the rules and regulations of Google to create and display advertisements within the search results. Websites who agree to market through Google Adwords pay per click i.e. They only pay to Google if the user clicks on the Ad. Free trainings are offered by Google on how to use and get the most from Google Adwords.
How to manage a Google Adwords campaign? Google Adwords has millions of target audience as well as advertisers; hence it has good career prospects as well. Here are a few tips how to manage a Google Adwords:
Keyword selection according to the data that describes the maximum search words.
Creating landing web pages where the user reaches once he clicks on the Ad.
Setting up the budget, testing and monitoring the results
Writing multiple versions of the text in the adwords.
If you are aspiring a career as a Google advertising professional you must know the two levels of it that are:
Individual Google Adwords management is best form for all the entrepreneurs who work from home so there are no partners, no employees. More than one qualified individuals together form a company and manage Google Adwords so here partnership and employment comes into the picture.
PPC Management: PPC management is the process of managing all pay per click programs for tier 2 firms such as MSN, Yahoo and Google. A PPC manager is responsible for the following skills:

  • Keyword search
  • Write and test ad copy
  • Recommending the landing web pages
  • Monitoring the PPC projects and managing them
  • Analyses all the PPC accounts monthly and then reporting them.
  • Participating in conference calls

To become a PPC manager here are the requirements that a company cites:

  • Education Qualification: Graduate or undergraduate
  • Experience of more than two years with Google, yahoo or MSN
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Expertise in dealing with internal staff as well as clients.
  • Able to give detailed reports

If you satisfy all the conditions above then you have a great opportunity to be a part of the online revolution. Either Google adwords or SEO or PPC management, all require a career aspirant to be globalised and well acquainted with new ideas that are innovative and substantial. You must be expert with online surfing as well.

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