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Archaeology : Archaeology is a branch of study that is known to deal with explorations of corporeal developments that were that were made by the human societies of the previous times. The primary objective of this discipline is to study about the cultural aspects of human beings who existed in the past through the process of excavation of the historical sites. This branch of study also includes various sub fields such as anthropology, history, classic literature, paleontology etc. Let us summarize the several aspects of archaeology:

 The course of archaeology is offered at the post graduate level and beyond by a majority of universities but you will have to obtain a graduate degree at first in any discipline that will help you to have a better idea and understanding about the subject itself. However, it is better to explore the subjects to be studied at the undergraduate level in order to pursue the study of archaeology.

 Although it is not necessary but you should start early if you are willing to pursue a career in archaeology and the discipline should be ideally chosen by those who are able to appreciate the essence of history and historical structures. In other words, it can be the best profession for those people who derive pleasure from the study of history and ancient civilization.

 The study of archaeology is not going to be too expensive and a bachelor or a post graduate degree will cost much the same as the arts and the social science subjects.

 Those students who get6 admission to the two year post graduate diploma in Archaeology get a monthly stipend of Rs 1500.

 The ASI or the Archaeological Survey of India is one of the chief recruiters of archaeologists in our country and you can apply for those positions by clearing the examinations that are conducted by UPSC and SPSC.

 A majority of the job openings are in the government organizations that makes provides an archaeologist with more security than others.

 A Junior Research Fellow gets a stipend of Rs 8000 per month that runs for a period of two years and a senior research fellow gets around Rs 20,000 per month.

 In an organization like ASI, a beginner can expect to get Rs 10,000 – Rs 15,000 per month.

 However, since the government organizations are the only hirers of archaeologists, there is a scarcity of job in this profession.

The archaeologists have an opportunity to travel to various sites and places and also get an opportunity to explore various excavation projects.

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