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Career In Architecture : Architects are those groups of people who design our dreams and give shapes to our imaginations. This is a very fashionable and lucrative career if properly followed. In this present world, we can see outstanding example of architectural pieces all around us. This is considered as the profession of elite class of students who have the power of imagination, innovative ideas and the knowledge of structural design and planning can earn money and fame both in this profession. Let’s see some of the basic points of this zone and get the chance to know the profession more closely:

 Architecture is considered as one of the prime high-paying profession of our society. So youngsters with interest in building planning and designing want to join this sector.

 Most of the Architecture Colleges in India offer training and courses in Architecture at undergraduate level. Students with Mathematics at Plus Two level get much preference. Students after completing their 10th class can start preparation for the All India Entrance Exam.

 Both communication skill and physical energy is needed in this profession as an architect needs to work on desk and on the construction site simultaneously.

 With proper professional training in architecture the candidate must have a sense of design and knowledge about esthetics.

 Various colleges offer undergraduate course in B.Arch. which is a 5 year course. Council of Architecture in India conducts a selection exam to select the right candidate for the course. Students interested to augment their knowledge and degree in architecture can pursue post-graduation in architecture for two years.

 Increased demand for luxurious accommodations, well organized corporate places with full of modern means of comforts, developed hospitals and other public and commercial establishments need experienced, well trained and professional architects.

 The government aided institutes or colleges charge any amount in the range of 1,60000-2,30000, while in private institute, the fees can be anything between 2,00000-3,50000.

 As the demand of architecture is huge in the present world so getting job in this profession would not be a big issue. Construction companies hire trained professionals in this sector very often. Other than them, State Departments, Housing Boards, Builders, Architecture Firms, etc. also hire architects.

So the scope is fair enough here. All you need to do is to seriously obtain the degree in Architecture and be sincere in your job to get good offers in the path of your career.

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