Career in Automation

Career in Automation: A career in Automation is undoubtedly very stimulating and challenging. Automation controls is an exciting field and it needs extensive knowledge of technology, electronics, and engineering. The basic concept underlying automation controls is related to engineering, mathematics and physics. You need exceptional skills to self-regulate a machine or even a manufacturing process with minimum human intervention. The technician will then   be needed to merely monitor the entire situation.

Job opportunities

A career in automation opens lot of job opportunities and it paves a bright path for your professional life. In fact, a career in automation encompasses a large variety of aspects. It includes everything from helping the multinational companies save energy to developing automation for a completely technical process.

The career prospects are highly rewarding financially especially if you have the experience coupled with skill.  The job varies according to the needs of the company you’re working for. A career in automation will equip you to perform modifications and, repair activities, as well as do semi-skilled maintenance of the system. You can be also assigned to handle electronics  or involve in monitoring the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Process Management Systems (PMS). In addition to it troubleshooting and ensuring the safety of running an automated process can be a part of your job.

The Qualifications Required

For a career in automation you need to get a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. It is also necessary to have electrical experience including AC, DC, high, and low voltage. As you decide to take a career in automation you need to excel in skills related to automation engineering. Knowledge of C-Programming, Auto-Cad, Dbase, QNX, Unix, Windows, and Windows NT will also come in handy. In order to become a good automation engineer, you should have in depth knowledge and should be well versed with PLC SCADA since it is the base of automation industries. If you want to upgrade your capabilities and be successful in your profession you can undertake PLC SCADA training in Chennai in India since it has number of reputed training centers which hold best career records.

If you aspire to take up a career in Automation you need advanced skills and capabilities since Automation is a specialized field, and you need to have thorough knowledge about automatic control and what it entails. In today’s extremely competitive environment you need the aptitude and skill to meet the  exacting challenges of this career.

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