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Biotechnology : The applications of biotechnology are large and diverse as it ranges from food and technology, medicines, pharmaceutical products and medicines to agricultural requirements, nutrition and conservation of environment. The discipline of biotechnology also includes the subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics part from biology and there are several engineering functions that are accommodated in the field of biotechnology. Let us summarize various aspects of this discipline:

 You will require planning your career from 10+2 level if you want to pursue this discipline of study as the subjects have to be chosen accordingly. After the completion of 10+2, you should take admission in an undergraduate program such as BSc, BTech or BE courses that are provided by several institutions. While the tenure of the BSc program is three years, the other two programs last for two years.

 The basic eligibility for getting into this program is to secure 50% in physics, chemistry and mathematics and thereafter required to sit for the joint entrance examinations or JEE or the all India Engineering Entrance Examinations or AIEEE.

 It is also possible to go for post graduate programs after the successful completion of the undergraduate courses.

 You should choose this discipline as your career option only if you are having the ability to perceive and a genuine interest in science and its application in various fields.

 A course of biotechnology can start from Rs 20,000 to Rs 2, 000, 00 on the basis of your choice of the institution.

 Scholarships are provided by various institutions to meritorious students who have performed exceptionally well in the entrance examinations or the interview at the post entrance level. However, the students can get educational loans from some of the nationalized banks.

 There is an increasing demand for qualified professionals in the field of biotechnology and the experts are posted in various sectors beginning from agriculture to genetic engineering and medicine.

 The pay packages for the graduates of biotechnology will depend on several factors such as academic qualification, area in which you have specialized and the institution from where you have obtained the degree. However, the starting salary should be around Rs 8,000 to Rs20, 000 for a deserving professional.

 There is a bog demand for these professionals in the area of industrial research and development.

The discipline of biotechnology has been making a consistent progress during the last ten years and the majority of earnings arrive through the exports and the situation is not likely to change in the near future.

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