Career in Chartered Accountancy

Career in Chartered Accountancy: Chartered accountancy is the subject that deals with almost all the sections of a business no matter how big or small it is. The work of a chartered accountant involves financial planning, accounting, auditing and taxation.
The career is very challenging but at the same time you need to have proper training and professional degree to become a chartered account. If you really want to take the sector of finance as your career then being a charted account is really a good decision and it will bring you a great professional life. In India there are lots of institutes, who offer courses on this subject.

The Course: According to ICAI in 1992 the rule has been passed that students who had passed their Plus Two examination can appear for the Foundation Course of the CA program. But now the system has been changed and in place of Foundation and Intermediate examination ICAI introduced PE-1 and PE-2 system of examinations. In 2006, ICAI did up the system and began CPT, IPCC and FC.

Who Can Join: A keen interest and passion for mathematics and finance can help you in this race. Not only the students from commerce stream but the students from science and arts streams can equally benefit and make a successful career here. But they need some extra efforts to understand the complex nature of finance and various management topics. And if they can do so the career of CA is open to them with same readiness as it is to the students of commerce.

How Much Would It Cost: Though the course is very important and the subject have great significance and demand in our present world, the course fee is noticeably less than any other modern professional courses. For registering with IPPC you have to give Rs 9000 and the charge for CPT is Rs 6700.

Job Prospects: After completing the course successfully the candidate need to collect the membership ICAI if they want to start practicing as CA. After you get the membership, you cannot work in any other business or occupation without the permission from the council; you are then only allowable to work in sections as specified in the CA regulations.

Pay Package: Generally candidates holding CA inter-qualification are paid somewhere between Rs 7,500 and 15,000 and with higher degrees the pay package goes higher automatically. An experienced CA can expect a salary between Rs 30,000 to 75,000.

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