Career in Chemical Engineering

Career in Chemical Engineering : Engineering is an extremely popular and ever demanding field which lot of intermediate students, aspire to study and fulfil their future dreams. One of the most rewarding and   promising careers in engineering with immense scope is that of chemical engineering.

A career in engineering is based on the in-depth study of chemistry which is used in manufacturing a large range of chemical products as well as design important equipment for the chemical units.  . Chemical engineers combine the principles of chemistry, as well as engineering technology in order to manufacture products such as, plastic, paper, gasoline, synthetic rubber detergents, cement etc.

Career opportunities

As you opt for a career in chemical engineering you can put your educational knowledge and expertise in the areas of chemical manufacturing as well as, can work in other manufacturing industries like paper, electronics, food and clothing. This widens   the career scope and offers lots of job opportunities in the market. You have the opportunity to work in global industries linked to   biotechnology and healthcare. They can either choose to specialize in a specific chemical process or products.  You can also specialize in chemical processes such as polymerization, oxidation and nano materials.

For the entry level positions in chemical engineering, the young students need to get a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering after studying physics, chemistry and math for 10 +2 level in school.  You need nearly 4 years to get the bachelor degree.  Besides taking the engineering degrees from a reputed college or an engineering institute, you can also take specialized courses or a training program in engineering technology. The duration for these courses ranges between 2 to 4 years. After   the 4-year technology program you are eligible to get a   job similar to those candidates that hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering. By gaining more experience and expertise, you can also opt to specialize in a particular area according to your interest and aptitude.

Work Environment
Pursuing a career in Chemical engineering will equip you to work in laboratories, manufacturing plants or offices.  The initial salary in this career is the highest as compared to all other graduate level jobs.

The job of a chemical engineer also entails lot of responsibilities and requires expertise. You need to be well versed and have thorough knowledge about all chemical processes which are involved in the manufacturing of products. Intense work-related experience is extremely valued in the career of chemical engineering.

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