Career in Company Secretary

Career in Company Secretary: The current disruption in the corporate sector has traumatized the assurance of shareholders. In today’s world, there is a much bigger demand for demonstrating corporate reliability and transparency by the organizations for the purpose of managing the in-house affairs. Moreover, there is a need to keep up the assurance of several stakeholders. In view of the fact that the top level management is extremely busy managing the day-to-day working of an organization, the new and upcoming challenge can be handled by some well qualified and knowledgeable company secretaries. This actually means that there will always be a demand of highly skilled and company secretaries.

Role of a Company Secretary: The role of a company secretary has progressively become essential for the smooth operation and execution of the company. In this position, a company secretary holds a high in the administration hierarchy and their role is extremely answerable within as well as outside the organization. He is actually recognized as the ‘representative’ of the company as he is the one who keeps in touch with the general public.

Job Opportunity: A highly qualified company secretary can easily get hold of superior position in the private and public sectors, monetary institutions and banks. In stock exchanges, company law boards, the section of Company Affairs and numerous government departments has huge openings for them. The bigger the company the wider is its ground activity and the better is the admiration received to the company secretary. Therefore, this job profile offers stimulating career opportunities coupled with countless demanding situations. On the whole, the position of a company secretary is in immense demand in today’s job market and the development will not at all to slow down in the near future.

Market Demand: In this current business scenario, the demand of qualified company secretaries is highly required. The most important factor behind this fact is the development of the country’s monetary strength. Furthermore, the strategy of liberalization has shaped up constructive environment within the country primarily for commencing new businesses. Thus it can be said that – ‘In the wake of each and every successful company there is an enthusiastic Company Secretary’.

A company secretary also has an added advantage of starting up their personal consultancy business just after acquiring a documentation of practice. They have massive knowledge and understanding about the extensive range of subjects like law, administration, secretarial practice and accountancy. This automatically makes them eligible to take up a high position in the company.

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