Career in Dairy Technology

Career in Dairy Technology: In the times of cut throat competition , the choice of an appropriate career has turned out to be the most significant thing in life, if you want to live a hassle free life  To have an amazing future is what everyone desires. You might face a lot of hurdles and complications when it comes down to deciding a right career path, which allows success in equally in financial and social terms. Though there are many careers but you should always opt for the one which gives you satisfaction.

Career in Dairy Industry

Career in the dairy industry plays a vibrant and a vital role in the  Agra-based economy of India. Dairy farming comprises of reproduction and caring of milk producing cattle, collecting of  milk ,giving out of milk into different  kinds of dairy products. In India ,dairy products  is a chief export industry and is presently getting significant and substantial foreign exchange for the nation.

Jobs in Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is presently an extremely dedicated field nowadays and involves manufacturing, procurement, storage space, processing and allocation of dairy products. The key  jobs are in the production and processing areas. The Production process comprises of the gathering of milk, reproduction of high yielding cattle caring of the animals . The special job that involves the production aspect is that belongs to the Dairy Scientists. They also help in conducting different experiments that determine the excellence and nutritive value of the milk that is produced.


Originally, the dairy technology was a portion of animal husbandry and veterinary courses. These courses are still  offered by various Agricultural Universities as B.VSc, (Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry). But in today’s time there are several organizations offering elite certificate, undergraduate and postgraduate track in Dairy Technology.

Job Prospects and Career Options

Career in Dairy Technology is thought to be a very challenging career that offers mammoth opportunities for the skilled professionals. There are today approximately 400 dairy plants in India . There are wide career opportunities available  for a dairy technologist equally in the public and the private sector. The jobs are available in dairy farms, rural banks, milk product manufacturing and processing industries. The quality control sections also employ dairy technologists.

Salary in Dairy Technology

The salary in the dairy plants is reasonably good. A dairy technology graduates are generally  recruited as interns and shift officers and as they grow in experience the salary also increases.

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