Career In Dentistry

Career in Dentistry :Our dentist is responsible for our beautiful and healthy smiles ad that is why the profession is so much liked by us. Young people with the mentality of serving mankind join the sector of medical science and become doctors. Many of them like to choose the section of dentistry as their career. A dentist particularly takes care of problems affecting our teeth. In specialized or advance version of this subject, this professional has to perform computer and magnetic character imaging, implants, tissue grafts, trauma and laser surgery too.
With the increasing issues related to our oral health, we need highly efficient professionals who can take proper care of our teeth and other oral problems like, gum, tongue, oral tissues and face muscles etc. Let’s give a quick and short look on the different features of this profession:

 The area of dentistry is rapidly growing and changing. With an increasing awareness of oral health and the introduction of new fields like oral pathology, periodontics and orthodontics have all enhanced the scope in this field.

 Dentistry is one of the most desirable professions today as it offers high salary and flexible work schedule.

 The Bachelor of Dental Science or BDS degree is a five-year course and you can get the admission to this course through a general, nationwide competitive examination. But it is not considered enough to succeed in this profession. So the willing person will have to go for a Master of Dental Science or MDS degree to get the desired position in this field.

 The field of doctors is the field of practice, and as dentistry is nothing much different form that you need more and more practice to become successful in this profession. In order to obtain enough experience you need to attain seminars and modern training course in a regular basis.

 The course fees for an MDS degree ranges from Rs 1 to Rs 3 lakhs per year.

 With the growing numbers of hospitals, nursing homes and private dental clinics the scope of jobs for dentist becomes very high in the present world. There are also openings in companies producing oral care products like toothpaste, mouth wash, and gum care products for person who pursue his or her MDS.

 Dental practitioner can earn a good amount of money. A well established dentist can earn around Rs 30,000 to Rs 1,00,000 or more per month.

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