Career in Energy Professionals

Career in Energy Professionals: This career option is comparatively new and few people are aware of the ERP designation. But in few years to come the scenario will completely change and many young aspiring candidates will enter this exciting career.  ERP de is an acronym for “Energy Risk Professional”) and is it is created and approved by GARP (the Global Association of Risk Professionals) and API (the American Petroleum Institute).  However, it is certain that this career designation will gain popularity and recognition very soon.


Pursuing a Career in Energy Professionals requires lot of determination and dedication You need to do your majors in finance and energy in order to embark upon this unique career. It is important to take up an MBA degree in this field from a high quality and reputed institute.  Start at least six months before the exam with the required reading material, and finish reading and summarizing the material at least two months prior to the exam, so you have ample time to review all the study materials and take practice exams.

In the Energy Risk Professional exam, you need to prepare for your exam well in advance. If you are deeply interested in the field of energy, and its financial and  physical aspects, then  you can pursue this career and ultimately  achieve success in it. If you are regularly working in the office you should start the preparation at least six months prior to the    exam. Make an in depth study of the required reading material, and complete your reading and summarizing the study material at least two months prior to the exam. . Thus you will have sufficient time to properly  review  your study materials and also preferably  take  the practice exams .

Job Prospects

There is considerable gap in the job market and leading multinational companies are seeking to engage energy professionals. The ERP designation will surely add value to your resume as you work in the energy industry. You can take up a profitable career in the energy industries, in related financial institutes and can work as an energy professional in oil and gas companies and also with the human resource department of any energy companies. Your professional status and salary will soar within the energy industry.

A career in Energy Professionals is one of the most lucrative and rewarding career in the job market. Energy and pharmaceutical companies offer elevated positions and best salaries to competent professionals.

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