Career In Event Management

Event Management Can you think of a life without celebration or occasions? Obviously one cannot, and this emphasizes the role of an event manager and his/her contribution in managing and organizing an event which can be anything from a meager party to a life-size celebration; the seemingly endless lists of events that fall between these two examples are taken care of, by none other than a responsible event manager. Events and occurrences cannot be bypassed by us, as they tie us with our society, relations and sense of belongingness to the world as well as to our loved ones, as a whole.

We confront various kinds of events in various stages of our life; starting from personal events like birthdays, weddings, social parties, engagements etc, we e=also experience academic events happening in school and colleges in the form of competitive functions, contests, exhibitions, annual days, campaigns, talk-shows and many more. In professional level too, we do participate in various gatherings like product launches, board meetings, promotional campaigns, fashion shows, cultural programs and brand development activities. All these precisely focus at the role and contribution and the general skills and aptitude that are needed to excel in this field of profession.

All these hard work and meticulous task undoubtedly requires colossal amount of organizing skills, creativity, resourcefulness, excellent communication skills, eye for details, zeal and passion. And all these qualities are expected from a professional and expert event manager, who can comprehend the fact that event management is actually a multi-faceted activity which includes both natural and acquired knowledge and skills. A pursuer of event management thus should always be ready to confront the sudden challenges and crises that any event may throw and should have an ample amount of presence of mind, intellect and decisiveness to handle the situation accordingly.

Here, being creative and original are not the only criterion, the career demands flawless planning, relationship management skills, knowledge about advertising and marketing, persuasion skills needed to get sponsors for the events and a smooth disposition to mingle these all into a collective process, in order to produce a great show! A beginner in this field must always remain at his/her toes, running around from pillar to posts, meeting all needs and requirements and diving works between departments, apart from following up with the vendors and making sure that the end result is a perfect show for all. The money and material gains the career offers is lucrative and has all tendency to increase with experience and expertise. But the most attractive part of the career is the kind of excitement it adds to one’s life.

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