Career in Fabrication Technology

Career in Fabrication Technology: People who like working with different  metals should  opt to take up a career in Fabrication Technology A career in Fabrication Technology presents the opportunities for many people to acquire relevant skills needed to develop machinery, equipment and even products and processes.   The real focus is on   Metal Fabrication and Welding and making use of a large range of metals such as aluminium, steel etc.


For a career in Fabrication Technology you need to attend a training institute or a college in order to get knowledge about this unique field.  You need to study Math and Physics at 10 + 2 level in school in order to get into this stream. Although many technical schools have introduced various Fabrication Technology programs, it is best to   secure a bachelors degree in fabrication technology and the duration of the course is four years and the subjects are similar to the core engineering subjects. . You can also take a diploma in this field in two years.  A Masters degree takes normally takes two years and equips you to directly enter into the workforce of a global company. There are many benefits in seeking a degree from a recognized engineering school

You can take training in computers and software systems if you opt to take a career in Fabrication Technology. many  training programs  are introduced  that can  impart   important  skills you  need for  monitoring different electrical components  as well as other hi-tech processes in  the fabrication  units or even  mechanical manufacturing setting.

Job prospects

You get the employment opportunity in aerospace and transportation, medical, recreation, recycling, energy processing, delivery, road construction, shipping and management.  The fabricators build buildings, bridges, bicycles, machine tools and more. Fabricating Technology is a rewarding career choice for the entrepreneurs

A large number of the non-medical science students take up a career in fabrication technology because of the growing demand of these professionals across the globe.  The remuneration of the personal who have undertaken a Career in Fabrication Technology is very good. Leading automobile companies, aeronautics and other industrial units need competent professionals. You can work as a design engineer, CNC programmer, Junior Engineer, Quality control engineer in these units and get higher salaries and better pay packages. The salaries increase as you gain experience and improve your technical expertise. A  Career in Fabrication Technology is extremely satisfying and fulfilling and gives you the opportunity to exercise your creative abilities.,

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