Career In Financial Analyst

Career in Financial Analyst: Finance is probably one of the main sectors of our life where we demand professional touch. The person who does financial analysis for clients is called financial analyst. This group of people helps you in managing your finance; with prudent advices. They can give you the right suggestion on where and how you should keep your money.
The job prospect is huge in this ever changing industry of finance and economy. People interested in finance and economy can join this area after obtaining some certain professional degrees. A strong hand in statistics, business, economics, administration and accounting enhances the chance of becoming a successful financial analysis. These are some features of this sector:

 Students who wish to build their career as a financial analyst should start studying commerce and finance subjects from their school level during their 10+2. After that candidates should try for CA course to become a financial analyst. An MBA degree for Financial Analyst can also be obtained.

 MBA in Financial Analysis may cost around Rs 2, 00,000 in reputed institutes. A diploma in financial analysis can be earned paying for Rs 50,000.

 Capability to use logical, mathematical, reasoning and deep understanding skill is the key factor to become successful in this career. Other than degrees these individual abilities can make the luck of a financial analyst.

 With insurance companies, banks, securities firms, pension and mutual funds, etc. a financial analyst have lots of opportunities to earn money. He or she can even have their own office which they operate independently and provides an efficient client base service.

 As the subject is huge so a financial analyst can offer all the sectors or may keep one or two special segment to offer.

 Any fresher financial analyst can earn any salary in the range of Rs 15,000- Rs 40,000 per month. However, it totally depends upon the qualification and personal skill of the candidate. For the independent professionals sky is the limit.

 The field is ever changing and hence the professional must be well aware about the present financial world otherwise he cannot beat others in this profession. So study and more study are required here.

The sector of financial analysis is undoubtedly interesting, lucrative but at the same time challenging too. So people with proper training and enough mental strength can think to take it as a career and gain good name and money here.

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