Career in Floriculture

Career in Floriculture: The term ‘floriculture’ means growing plants for its attractive and beautiful flowers. In this day and age, the demand for flowers is on the rise gradually since change in human mind-set towards societal and spiritual values. Pretty flowers are used nowadays in each and every function in India owing to which the household demand is speedily increasing. Besides, the international demand for flowers soars up particularly during Xmas as well as Valentine day. Roses, Carnation, Orchids, Lilies and Gladiolus are in huge demand these days.

Floricultures in Polyhouses: Floriculture is carried out in open fields and also in playhouses. On the other hand, it is more preferred in playhouse as it grants synthetically controlled surroundings in which risk of diseases, intense light, heavy rains, insects and high temperature are minimized. For this reason, flowers are grown all the year round without any continuing limitation. There are two kinds of Floricultures in polyhouses:

  1. Soil Culture: In this case plants are developed in soil.
  2. Hydroponic Culture: In this kind plants are full-grown in the pots with no soil. Sawdust or sand is used in case of soil. The flowers produced hydroponically are of good quality and fetches a high value in the market.

Eligibility: To study Floriculture, the aspiring candidate ought to complete 10+2 with the subject Botany as a choice. The ones who wish to get admitted in any agricultural university that offers degrees in the sphere of Floriculture need to clear an entrance exam carried out by them.

Job Prospects: The job opportunities in the field of floriculture are extremely wide and worthwhile. There are lots of places where the requirement of floriculturists is exceptionally far above the ground. The foremost region for them to labor is in cultivating beautiful flowers, spreading cut flowers and blossoming the plants. The employees in this field do the entire planting, fertilizing, yielding and supervising of plants. It is then marketed as well as shipped to diverse places.

Job of a Floriculturist: Floriculturists are occupied in the proliferation and budding of cut flowers, foliage plants, bedding plants and flowering potted plants. They are the ones who plant, prune back, irrigate, fertilize, yield and then ship the plants and examine the surroundings under which these are grown both indoors and outdoors where the weather is favorable. Companies that are engaged in landscaping and agricultural estate provide work to the floriculturists in decision-making positions as well as for the maintenance of gardens.

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