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Food Processing : Food Processing is a relatively modern profession that intends to bring about improvements in the efficiency of the distribution of food and to increase the marketing of food products. In other words, it is a discipline of food science that follows some procedures and techniques that help to transform raw food into a form that is edible and suitable for human and animal consumption. Let us summarize various aspects of this discipline:

 Some of the jobs in food processing may not require specific qualifications but having a diploma or degree will certainly add to the value.

 The first step to get into this profession is to successfully complete 10+2 with physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology and a majority of colleges will require you to sit for an entrance exam to get admission to a course.

 Similar to other careers, one should have required acumen to get into this course.

 Since this profession has just begun to take off, it is necessary to assess and analyze whether you are actually having the mindset and willing to take the challenges that are present in this field.

 There are a wide variety of job offers for professionals of food processing starting from managers to food technologists.

 The nature of the work that are to be performed by the food processors can also include such things as cleaning the raw materials to chopping them into pieces, mixing them with spices and finally cooking them is certainly not an easy task and you will need to evaluate whether you are actually willing to do these jobs.

 The fees for the courses of food processing are relatively higher whether it is about obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Home science or food technology. Basically, the fees will depend on the type of institute that you have chosen and a specialized course will require substantial amount of money.

 There are quite a few scholarships that can be availed by the aspiring candidates of food processing and NAARM ICAR senior research fellowship and Ramalingaswami Fellowship are the two significant scholarships that are available for the students who want to pursue food processing.

 The skilled professionals can get jobs in food research laboratories, catering companies and hospitals and restaurants. While a beginner can expect to get a salary of around Rs 8000 – Rs 12,000, the more experienced and professional should have a salary in the range of Rs 15,000 – Rs 25,000.

There market prospects for food processing professionals are sufficiently good in the field of consumer food and this exemplifies that in the coming days, there will be a great demand for food processing and marketing professionals in this industry.

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