Career in Foreign Languages

Knowing diverse languages are no doubt asset for you, especially today when the world is becoming smaller with globalization and liberalization spread all over. Linguistic qualities have always helped the individuals in whatsoever profession you are, but for those who have the flair to learn new languages; this could be the best career option for them.

There are various opportunities when you take up a career in foreign languages:
• Tour operators.
• Translators.
• Teachers.
• Interpreter.
• Freelancers.

a. Tour Operators: This is one profession in which the more the languages you know the better, as it requires you to deal with various customers from different race of life. It is always an advantage to convey things to them in their own language.

b. Interpreters: Their job is to translate the language which the person is speaking into a language which can be understood by the masses on the others who are present in the crowd. For taking up this profession, you need to have a great command over not just the language but also on the commonly used technical jargons and colloquial terminology to interpret words in the same pattern without changing their meaning. An interpreter’s job can be of various types. It could be interpretations which have to be done simultaneously along with the person who is conversing. The other types are consecutive interpreting (done in official meeting) and liaison interpreting (aids in conversing between people of different languages).

c. Teachers: This is one of the most common professions which you can take up after you have gained a mastery over few languages. For all the new comers, it is advisable that you start off with the teaching profession, gain a common on the said language and then take up the profession like that of the translator or interpreter.

d. Translators: Their main job is translating one language to the other desired language. This requires a good command over not just the language but also a through understanding of the verbal communication skills. You should be able to master the colloquial terms to keep the meaning of the sentence same while you translate the same from one language to the other.

e. Freelancing: This is one job which would be liked by mostly working moms as they would be able to give a care to their kids while they can continue working. It is also practiced by all those who love to be their own bosses. Jobs which have been mentioned above can also be done as freelancing back from home.

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