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Forensic Science : Forensic science is a very interesting and challenging career for those who love adventure and suspense. In the present system of law and order this science is playing a very crucial role. In order to help the law and order to identify the crime and the criminal in the most scientific way, the significance of a forensic scientist is unquestionable.
Students of the medical science are best suited for this profession as a major portion of the subject is related to medical science and medical analysis. MBBS students can specialize in forensic science and become qualified for doing post mortem on dead bodies. On the other hand, law students after doing diploma or certificate courses in forensic science can work in Research and Analysis Wing, or crime branch of state police or CBI or Intelligence Bureau. Let’s have a look on the various aspects of this profession:

• Before entering into this profession, make sure that you really want this. As the job may sometime seem very nasty, stressful and disturbing, especially cutting dead bodies, so make yourself mentally ready for these negative points of forensic science.

• Other than degrees or special courses you must be well attentive, intelligent, ready for challenge and mentally very strong to take this as your career. There is no nay chance for those who posses weak heart and body.

• A specialized course in forensic science in India costs between Rs 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs including the lab fee. Laboratory is the place which is considered as the classroom of this subject.

• The job prospects in forensic science are mostly in government sector, particularly in various law enforcement agencies such as police, legal system, the investigative services of the central government and respective state governments. You can choose the career of a trainer or teacher in forensic science in several colleges where it is taught.

• As most of the jobs in this profession are in government sector so the salary structure is purely based on the government pay scale and policies. However, the salary is not very low for the deserving candidates. Private laboratories offer handsome payments to experienced candidates.

Hence forensic experts obtain a very reputed and lofty position in our law and order system. So it can be a good decision to take it a as a career. But make sure that you are ready for it; mentally and physically both.

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Can a person enter cyber department of india after doing LLB nd diploma/course in forensic science ???

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