Career in Forestry

Career in Forestry: These days there are a number of career options available to suit your personal interest and aptitude. If you are really interested in working outdoors, and have keen interest in flora and fauna, then the career in forestry industry can be an enlivening option for you.

Advantages of Career in Forestry

The benefits of working in this forestry industry are numerous wherein you will get good compensation and experience longevity with your choicest career. In fact you will spend considerable time amidst the natural environs and at the same time get the opportunity to earn a decent living. A career in forestry offers lot of recreational activities but also involves manual labour and hard work. You need lot of grit and determination to meet the tough and dangerous situations which can arise in the precincts of nature

Basic Requirements for career in forestry

There are three levels of forestry jobs wherein each one requires a different set of skills and degree of education.

The first Level job is for entry level basic positions. The main requisite for your job as a forestry worker, technician or an aide is to get a high school education. You will be entitled to get hourly wages and may be exposed to the raw and dangerous aspect of forestry. You will be required to drive operating equipments such as bulldozers, trucks, handling timber or even cut lumber in a lumber yard or may be managing public recreation areas at this initial stage of this career.

The second level job is when you become a professional forester. For this job you need a four year college degree. A professional forester manages timber crops and needs computer skills to conduct site analysis. He should be adept at wildlife management and handling administration responsibilities.

The third level is when you can get employment as a Forestry specialist. This career requires an advanced college degree (past a bachelor’s degree) and will enable the professional forester to be a researcher, teacher or an analyst. You will be equipped to work in fields of wood technology, genetics, plant pathology chemical research, and hydrology and can work as university professor.

A career in forestry demands extensive knowledge about the regions natural resources, wild life, as well as administrative abilities, and a penchant for scientific study. You must possess an innate desire to participate in universal issues of ecology and have an ardent interest in, plants trees and animals. Numerous stimulating career opportunities wait for you.

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