Career in Gemology

Career in Gemology: Gemology is a very interesting subject to learn and work with. Since India has a very rich culture of gems since ancient days so in India the growth of this field is not a matter of surprise. Apart from being a beauty enhancer of any jewelry, Gemstones were also looked upon as symbols of power and prosperity in India. There are varieties of precious gems that we love to have embedded in our ornaments as a symbol of wealth.
With the development of modern jewelry industry the sector of gemology take newer version in our economy. Gemology the science of the study of gems and precious metals is chiefly considered as the art of finding gemstones, grading and evaluating them and processing them. These are some vital aspects of this profession:

 A profession in gemology is not just limited to laboratories and doing tests for grading and evaluating gem stones. In fact as a gemologist you have numerous job opportunities starting from a diamond mine worker to the owner of a popular gems and jewelry brand.

 After completing 10+2 you can go for any short term certificate or diploma course in gemology. Gem Identification Certificate course, Diamond Grading Certificate course, Certificate course in Cut Design and Analysis, Pearl Grading, Polished Diamond Grading course can be counted as courses on gemology.

 To take it as a career you must have high interest in gems and precious stones.

 The course is as costly as the subject; a short term course of six day on this subject can cost 25 thousands. A regular Diploma in Gemology can cost 72, thousands.

 After obtaining the degrees you can try your luck in the mining or the gem exporting industry or jewelry designing and jewelry retailing business can be your option too.

 A basic course in gemology can offer you a salary in the range of Rs 10,000 to Rs 18,000 per month. On the other hand a higher education on the subject can help you earn Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per annum.

 Hard work and high level of skill can make you successful in this industry.

Therefore, the role of a gemologist is vast and need professional touch. Proper training and knowledge of this segment can bring your can career to you. If you have passion and patience then you can try your luck in this industry.

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