Career in Industrial Engineering

Career in Industrial Engineering: Many young students are interested in taking up a career in Industrial Engineering. This is indeed a rewarding career which opens numerous career opportunities. Armed with educational qualifications as well as experience you can create a bright future. People who have opted to take career in Industrial engineering are good at mastering innovative technologies and applying them to practical situations in a number of settings.

Job Opportunities

The job prospects for engineers who opt for this special field are ever-increasing due to the rapid advancement of technology and its novel applications in the industrial field. As you undertake a Career in Industrial Engineering you get the opportunities to work in various companies such as construction companies, airlines, mining and oil companies, automobile, electronics and many more. Computer companies may engage an industrial engineer in order to analyze their products and devise ways to improve them whereas architects may employ engineers in this particular field for suggestions on proper building processes. Industrial Engineers are in great demand and leading multinational companies seek to employ competent professionals

Job Profile

The Job of Industrial Engineer is indeed very complex. Estimating production costs, , development of production standards, creating good product design, managing production schedules, assigning tasks to the employees and completing of production within the scheduled time frame are the main tasks which need to executed by an industrial engineer His main emphasis is on the efficient production as well as cost minimization The job profile also requires expertise on management and administration principles.

Required Qualifications

Mechanical knowledge is an important aspect without which you cannot take up a career in Industrial Engineering You need to enrol in reputed engineering college. A graduate engineering degree and in depth knowledge of industrial production as well as technology is the basic qualification necessary for a job of industrial engineer. A strong foundation of Mathematics, algebra, geometry and statistics is important A sharp design ability, English language skills and computer knowledge is essential for the work of an industrial engineer. These are the actual tools for production, resource allocation and strategic planning,

Quick decision making, ability to do logical thinking, active listening and fast reading skills helps industrial engineers to gain benefits in this profession. The career prospects are very promising and you get job placements at the campus itself. With technical expertise and managerial skill you can reap immense financial benefits and lucrative pay packages.

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