Career in Jewelry Designing

Career in Jewelry Designing: With the development of thoughts and lifestyle the conception about profession has also changed a lot. Now people are selecting professions that satisfy their creative excellence along with their urge for handsome income.

When passion for beauty, skill of a designer and knowledge of precious stones and metals join hands then we get a new name in our career option; jewelry designing. In our ancient culture this profession was strictly allocated to a special community and no any outsider was allowed to enter or contribute into this stream. But now the ideas and believes are changed and that is why jewelry designing becomes one of the most popular professions of this current era. Young girls and boys with excellent creative sense and passion for designing join this field to make it more gorgeous and exciting. The jewelry designers are not mere ornaments maker; they are creator of new trends and styles.

As jewelries are an inevitable part of our society and culture form the beginning of our civilization so the need and significance of this profession cannot be underestimated. With the changing socio-economical environment of our world the standard of this profession has also grown up. Now there are lots of institutions that help young people to enhance their creative skills, to understand the quality and pattern of stones and metals and support their dreams of being a successful jewelry designer. The combination of knowledge and creativity meet their right direction to produce the ultimate piece of beauty.

The study of jewelry designing teaches you basic skills like stone cutting, drawing of different designs with polishing and testing the quality of precious metals and gems. Special skills and techniques like electroplating, metal coloring, anodizing, enameling and stone setting are also taught to students of jewelry designing. These new technologies make the field more challenging. With a 10+2 qualification anyone can join the course of jewelry designing. After obtaining the bachelor’s degree in design, BDes, one can go for higher studies in this field. Starting from about 15, 000 to 1.80 lakh can be the course fees.

With the booming growth of jewelry industry the chances of getting job in any jewelry house is very high. After the successful completion of courses, one can easily find vacancies in this industry and can get a good income. This field gives you the chance to work as a freelancer too.

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