Career in Lab Chemistry

Career in Lab Chemistry: A career in lab Chemistry is not only about lab mixing chemicals, but it entails much more. If you have an innate interest and aptitude in Chemistry then a career in lab Chemistry will not only unfold numerous job opportunities but will offer immense job satisfaction.

Job opportunities

You get opportunity to work in the medical lab as a technician and play a crucial role in the area of health care. You will be working under the supervision of medical technologists, lab managers or physicians. You will be required to conduct tests on the specimens so that the doctors can diagnose the causes of an illness and determine the treatments. You can specialize in various areas, including Blood Banking, Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Micro biology, and Cyto technology.

You will get the chance to work in the diagnostic laboratories, physicians’ offices, and even hospitals. As you opt for this career you will find numerous job opportunities in pharmaceutical labs, clinics, blood and organ banks, research institutes, public health organizations. Leading medical equipment sales companies need talented lab technicians who have marketing skills as well

Job Training

If you want opt for Career in Lab Chemistry you need to get a certificate or an associate’s degree from an accredited institution after doing 10+2 in Chemistry, Physics and Math. The certificate programs take nearly one year to complete, and the associates’ programs take almost 1to 2 years to complete. You will learn about various topics including data analysis, medical lab equipment, urinalysis, , applied immunology, blood coagulation, medical laboratory techniques, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, physiology and even human anatomy. You need to sit for clinical practical exams and undertake on-the-job training in urinalysis and mycology.

The intensive training equips you to examine system elements, collect blood samples, analyze fluid chemical content, match blood compatibility, prepare specimens and efficiently handle complex lab equipment including microscopes, automated analyzers, cell counters in order to identify parasites, bacteria, and various other microorganisms.

This work, leaves no margin for any error thus you need to have an in depth knowledge and practical training if you want to succeed in this career. Initially you may get reasonable salaries but as you become more experienced and skilled you get higher salaries and better pay packages. Lot of pharmaceutical companies, sophisticated laboratories needs competent professionals in lab chemistry.

A career in lab Chemistry needs lot of dedication and honest commitment.

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