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Law no doubt is one of the most popular choices still in our society. One genral trend which is seen mostly is that kids of lawyers mostly grow up to take up the same profession as their parents. Though this has been same with almost all the other professions, but the intensity is seen more in the case of lawyers. IN the past, lawyers have donned many hats, be it writers, freedom fighters, or politicians. For e.g. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, etc.
In this edition I would brief few essentials and ‘must-knows’ which would beneficial for all you law career pursuers.
When you opt to study law, there are basically two broad categories, which all know – civil and criminal. But today there are many other specializations which the law student can opt for like for e.g. patent law, corporate law and many others. With a degree in law, you can not only practice in courts but it also opens a wide array of avenues like that of corporate management, law related services, administration related services, etc.

For all those students who are interested in pursuing a career in law can go about in the following ways:

• 3 year law study from any of the law colleges after you finish off your graduation.

• 5 year course law course after you finish off your higher secondary (or class 12).

It has seen that mostly colleges run the 3 year course for all those students who want to pursue the career in law after graduating in any discipline. Professionals are also seen doing this course to gain benefits in their professional arena.
The LLB course is under the regulations of the Bar Council of India. It is this statutory body which sets all the rules and regulations for the LLB course.
If you are interested in preparing for the law exams then there are various options like

• Exams which are conducted at the national level for the five year BA LLB at many National Law Schools (once you finish off your class 12).

• The CLAT, or the Combined Law Admission test is the national level entrance test conducted for law students to screen the meritorious candidates from the lot. The test is based of general awareness, IQ, logical and reasoning skills, English grammar skills and aptitude for law and legal technical jargons.

But before all you need to be mentally sure that this is the course at which you would shine and where you have your comfort zone. Taking up a career just due to family pressures would bring a bleak career with no job satisfaction.

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hello sir….i m preparing for LLB. entrance exam from delhi university..and i m doing now post graduation diploma in human resource management… pls kindly advice that it is better option for me………….


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