Career In Leather Technology

Leather Technology: Once, this sector of career was considered as a very low profile in our society. The group of people who mend shoes could not get much respect from the elite association. But now the scenario has completely changed and people who deal with leather are now getting equal reputation in this modern world. Now leather technology is considered as an individual science and you need to obtain proper training to become a part of this industry.
The increasing use of leather products all over the world make this sector so much popular and hence young people with the power of innovation and creativity like to take this as their career option. Here are some points that one should be aware of before entering into this area:

1. India has the fourth largest leather industry in the whole world so the scope of work in India with this profession must be huge.

2. It needs professional with proper training as the industry is still growing and changing it shape abruptly. A degree program or diploma in leather technology is essential to make an impactful entry into the industry.

3. Trained professional with confident can start their own business by producing and selling their own product line.

4. Career in Leather Technology is not only high paying but glamorous too. You can attain professional courses on this subject after the +10 or graduation degree.

5. There are both diploma and degree courses being offered by various institutes. A one year diploma course may cost between Rs 30,000-50,000. On the other hand, BTech in Leather Technology could cost a candidate Rs 2-3 lakhs.

6. Many national and international companies who have leather products hire experts with proper training and designing skill. The scope of employment is vast here.

7. Skill is the main factor of deciding your pay package. Students from reputed institutes get more payments naturally. However, a young leather technologist can expect a pay package of Rs 10,000 per month in the beginning.

8. Practical experience with different types of leather firms gives you more confidence to do better job.

So it can be said that obtaining a proper professional training in the field of leather technology is must if a person want to join into this sector. Proper training and practical work experience makes your task easier and you will get more and more name and money in this industry.

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