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Career in Mass Communication :- We are now standing in such a platform where all the barriers are gone and we belong to one single unified world. We are the member of a globalized family and have to deal with people every day from the farthest corner of this planet. As a global community we need a powerful method of communication to get a better and more prosperous life. And that is why, Mass Communication, as a stream of study and as a profession becomes so significant and desirable in this present world.
People with an urge to be the part of communication science of this modern world, of making contribution in this huge domain join this field after relevant study and degree. Mass media is something more than journalism; something that touches all the segment of our life and is bringing great changes in the thought of the society. There are some sections that one must know or have before entering in this field.

•Professional training with a wide knowledge of contemporary world can make anyone a successful part of this mass media zone. Hence after obtaining regular bachelor egree in any subject you need to attain a professional mass communication course for that.

•There are lots of institutes and universities who offer courses on mass communication. You can also go for higher studies like post graduation in this subject after completing your bachelor degree.

•With excellent communication skill you need to have a quality of gathering information and explaining it without being biased on any particular person or subject. You need to have the capability of reaching to all the classes of this society with similar ease.

•A professional course in mass communication offers a career in films & TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, editing, direction, filmmaking, scriptwriting, production, etc. You need to think and realize which one is suitable for you and choose the path according to that.

•The course fee is normally Rs 60,000 to Rs 2, 00,000 per year for a undergraduate course and a PG diploma course from Indian Institute of Mass Communication can cost in the range of Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,00,000 for one year. Whereas, the starting salary for a mass communication professional could be between Rs 12,000 and 25,000. And for the professionals, it depends on their work and experience.

So obtain a degree in mass communication and start your career in this vast zone of mass media.

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Thank you for your kind information. I have find my answer on Mass Communication and now I want go in this field after graduation. Thank you very much.

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